Casting Angles

Casting Angles


Learn Fly Casting with Casting Angles

Casting Angles is a compilation of fishing casts that I began working on in the early nineties. It can be used to diagnose your cast and offer the tools for coming up with new casts for on the stream. The Great Smoky Mountains streams offer such diverse current and canopy for assisting me to create such a fly casting text.

The book has fishing casts that solve problems on the stream! You can read reviews of the book here. I am humbled that so much of the lingo that I came up with from teaching and instructing fly casting in the late 1980’s has become common language globally among the instructor community today.

The terminology definitely helped to shape the way I perceived fly casting and still does today. We make fly casts when fishing to solve problems on the stream. The beauty of fly fishing is really all about solving problems!

Learn about a change of direction fly casting for instantaneous improvement on stream! Fly fishers spend all kinds of resources on trips, gear, etc…. and far too often neglect the most important aspect of the sport-FLY CASTING!  I ship the books signed and direct from here or you can go to

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