Fly Casting Instruction

Fly Casting Instruction

Fly Casting Instruction in Bryson City, North Carolina Smoky Mountains

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Fly Casting Instruction from a Master Casting Instructor (FFI)

Fly casting instruction is the quickest way to learn the foundation basics of what to practice. Learning to control various line positions for the drift to have a chance is essential for progressing as an angler. I have spent a lifetime casting and continue to remain on the journey of deepening my understanding of what is possible when casting a fly line.

The anticipation of casting to rising fish is absolutely exhilarating to watch the fish appear and eat your fly! Your presentation on the stream is lifted to a whole new level with a fly casting instruction lesson. I guarantee your entire casting lesson or it is free of charge. That is how confident I am in conveying this information to you! The price for a fly casting lesson is $300.00 per hour. The top 20 golf pro’s charge on average much higher rates per hour. If you are serious about your improvement then give me a call. This is not your typical free parking lot lesson. Increase your proficiency in developing your foundational stroke for a much richer experience of your journey as an angler. All skill levels welcome!

Why Improve Your Fly Casting?

The fly cast is the only delivery between you and the fish you pursue. It becomes much easier overall if you can cast accurately with efficient fly casting strokes. Since the line and rod are only tools for assisting you with these tasks. It is really all about you the fly caster to increase your abilities. These methods have been driven by tournament fly casting since the late 1850s.

I can assure you that once you can cast accurately and efficiently that you will have a direct increase in your time spent on the stream. Most mistakes can be ironed out in short order with fly casting instruction. I realize many will skip practicing their own casting which is evident by what we see here and everywhere in travels. I have often wondered why folks travel great distances to exotic destinations when their casting leaves much to be desired? That is by far the most constant complaint of guides internationally.

That is by far the most constant complaint of guides worldwide! It is actually quite simple in that if you desire to fly fish for any species of fish you must be able to get your fly close to the fish which will require accuracy.  False casting to and from is inefficient and a waste of your fishing time. The better you learn to control your fly line the less need there is for all of the excess lines slinging to and from.

team usa youth fly fishing team casting lessonTeam USA Youth Fly Fishing Team Fly Casting Lesson in NC

Understanding your Intent Fly Casting

The important aspect of lessons is that it will save you decades of time by practicing what you did not need. I am a firm believer that a very large part of learning for people stems from an increase in their curiosity about line control and what is possible with that control. The physical skill of perfecting certain line control on the grass will happen consistently once they can see it, understand it, and lastly know it is attainable.

Having an intent is everything when making fishing casts for whatever technique you are using on the stream. The layout for attaining a “dead drift” on the water is one of the grails of the sport. Learn single hand, Skagit, and double-handed fly casting for a deeper enrichment of your fishing time on the water!

I am a Master Certified Instructor through Fly Fishers International. I can diagnose and correct faults for instant improvement for your time spent on the water.  We teach, mentor, coach, and train casting instructors in addition to the general public. Check out the Bio Mac Brown page for more info.