Fly Fishing Guided Lake Trips

Fly Fishing Guided Lake Trips

Fly Fishing Guided Lake Trips

Guided Lake Trips for Trout in Bryson City, North Carolina

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rainbow-trout-cheoah-lake-guided-lake-trip.jpgTypical Rainbow Trout from Cheoah Lake

Fishing for trout on still water lakes is among my favorite guided fly fishing guided lake trips. The spring is excellent right below the town of Bryson City where the Tuckasegee River meets Fontana Lake. This offers some great fishing in early April for rainbow and brown trout. Fly fishing guided lake trips vary with the seasons throughout the year depending on the weather patterns. Winter months, in general, are the best season.

The price for a guided fly fishing lake trip is $625.00 for up to two anglers per boat. There is also excellent white bass, walleye, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, perch, crappie, bluegill, and other fish to pursue depending on the time of year. There are many great trout fishing lakes nearby to Bryson City. The best trout fishing on the lakes is throughout the winter months.

Cheoah Campground below Fontana Dam


Among my favorite lakes for trout are Fontana, Cheoah, Calderwood, Bear, Tanasee, Wolf, and Appalachia. The lakes tend to be most productive in late fall through early spring for the fly fisher. Fontana Dam in the picture above is the second tallest dam in North America. That means lots of very cold water year-round for Cheoah Lake which is located right below the dam.

Cheoah Lake can be productive all year. It is among my favorites in this part of the country. Lake fishing is so very different than the tactics we use on the rivers. We carry dozens of lines with various sink rates and patterns to help with cracking the puzzle of catching trout.

lake-fly-fishing-patterns-trout.jpgLake fly box for Stillwater (loch style) fly fishing

The benefit of lake fishing for trout is that the work pays off since the trout tend to run much bigger than the average trout caught on the river. They are strong fighters on the lake as well because they actually swim all the time in search of food. The benefit of having so many cold mountain lakes for trout is that it enables us to make it convenient to accommodate many nearby towns.

Use the Reservation Form to fill out the information for your fly fishing adventure! You may also click on the Book Now button above. I enjoy fishing the lakes around Bryson City in the Winter through Spring months. The sizes are much better quality trout in general than we typically see river fishing. The many challenges of fishing “lochs” are always a great challenge. I look forward to seeing you on the water in the beautiful Smoky Mountains area of Bryson City, NC!