Guided Float Trips

Guided Float Trips

Guided Float Trips are $525.00

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Guided float trips use either Clackacraft or NRS boats for all trips depending on water levels. One of the most popular floats in the area include the Delayed Harvest section of the Tuckasegee River. This is the best water for quality float trips near Highlands and Cashiers NC! Guided float trips are best for older and younger folks that do not need the worry of wading bigger water.

The advantages of fishing from a boat are many! Guide float trips enable you to cover greater amounts of water with ease. It is more comfortable fly fishing from a boat on a guided float trip when the cooler climates prevail. We have the most experienced rowers in the region!

Use the Reservation Form to gather the proper information for your fly fishing adventure! We provide any or all gear necessary for the trip including flies that we tie along with a stream-side lunch. The float trip can have either one or two people for the float but the price stays the same.

We know the hatches intimately of the region from years of stomach sampling on the stream. Check out the sponsor’s  page to see the quality of gear we use each and every trip. No one in the region has the years of experience rowing like what we can provide.

The top professional guides are certified in first aid, CPR, and first aid kits included on every trip. We strive to set the highest standard of professionalism on the water!

Guided float trips are popular for the larger rivers. Some of the advantages include increased coverage of water, you stay warmer in colder months, no chance of falling in the river, and greater stealth floating. These usually equate to greater fish numbers!


Trout Fishing Bryon City with a Guided Float Trip

We were the first professional guided fly fishing outfitter in the region in 1987. Now there are literally hundreds of guides between Asheville, NC and Bryson City, NC. The only requirement the state requires is a guide to have a $10.00 guide license. You can see why it looks like the wild west with outfitters on the internet with over 400 guides in the region now! Google the regional sites and find out why the area of Western NC has a “Golden Arches” approach for the industry now.

We need a State of North Carolina Board of Outfitters Association in this region similar in structure to what Montana has had for many decades. We are there to share what we know about fly fishing with you and assist you on your journey of proven tactics that get consistent results of fish to the net. The water generation fluctuates so many of our rivers are dependent on the release schedule.

Stream Info

I can assure you that I will bring value to your fly fishing experience for the great waters in the Smoky Mountains. We have consistently put up epic sizes and numbers of fish to the net with folks of all skill levels. Each and every trip is setting the levels of par for your fly fishing adventure! You will see all kinds of impostors in the region now claiming great things that simply are not the truth.


A happy new fly fisher camping below Fontana Dam

Area Attractions Near Bryson City

Other area attractions can be found by contacting the Bryson City, NC Chamber of Commerce. The number is 800-867-9246. Swain County is the trout mecca of the southern states. Over 75% of the county is either Nantahala National Forest or the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The Park visitors exceed 14 million people per year! When you consider all of the whitewater rafting, Smoky Mountain Railroad, Appalachian Trail hikes, hundreds of waterfall hikes, great mountain biking, and many other outdoor adventures it is not hard to see why our little mountain town of Bryson City is always expanding.

Many great new restaurants and lodging in Bryson City for hosting large groups. Cherokee, NC is about a 10-minute drive from Bryson City. We are about an hour drive from Highlands and Asheville NC. Knoxville and Chattanooga TN is about 2 1/2 hours away. Atlanta, GA, and Charlotte, NC are about a 3-hour drive. Plan your next get-a-away to the trout mecca town of Bryson City, NC! My favorite addition to the town is the Nantahala Brewery which also provides some very good bands all through the season!

What you need to bring

Let us show you what it will take for learning to fly fish on your own in some of the best waters in western North Carolina! Our guides have decades of experience instructing you for a memorable adventure in the Great Smoky Mountains! You should bring rain gear, warm clothes, sunscreen, lip balm, a hat and polarized glasses. It will benefit your success on the water to wear clothing that blends into the surroundings.

You can also check the weather here for layering considerations of clothes. You can purchase your valid NCWRC license here online or by phone at 1-888-248-6834. You will need a trout stamp for everything outside the GSMNP and Tribal Waters in Cherokee, NC.

If you are fishing on the Tuckasegee River in Jackson or Swain Counties make sure you specify a Mountain Heritage License ($5.00). It is the best deal around for trout fishing anywhere in the country! You need either an NC or TN fishing license for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The tribal license can be purchased at many of the stores in Cherokee. Use the contact and the reservations form to book a trip. Call for questions (828)736-1469 .