An amazing learning experience! Mac teaches you how to be a better fisherman. I learned more with one day with Mac then I have in the last five years on my own. Great guide and teacher!!

Beau McLeod- Columbia, SC 2017

“Associate Professor Mac Brown has had the most popular class ever teaching fly fishing at Western Carolina University. The Delayed Harvest program on the Tuckasegee River near the campus is a direct result of this successful collegiate program.”

Athletic Director WCU, 1996

“Mac Brown was inducted into the Southern Appalachia Fly Fishing Museum Hall of Fame for Recreation on August 26, 2017.”

Southern Appalachia Fly Fishing Museum, August 2017

Field and Stream nominates Mac Brown Angler of the Year in fall 1999 issue.”

Field and Stream Angler of the Year, Fall 1999

“Mac Brown is undoubtedly one of the best casters in the United States, even more so an angler. He has fished just about anywhere and everywhere. His ability to instruct is superb. He is also by far one of the best dry fly fishermen in the country.”

Jonathan Dietz, Fly Fishing Team USA Member

“Mac has an extraordinary knowledge of casting, aquatic entomology, and new techniques to improve anyone’s fishing skills. He is among the top fly fishing experts in the country. I never fail to learn from him. These techniques are the best tips I have received to enhance my abilities.”

Jim Zifer, Cincinnati, OH

“It is rare to see someone so dedicated and so in love with their occupation. As beginners in this sport, you motivated us to further ourselves in the art of fly fishing. I was energized by your wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm. I am truly appreciative of the way in which you shared this knowledge.”

Lindy Maracic, Hollywood, FL

“Mac is certainly a professional with the art of fly fishing. The day was very informative and through his detailed and sequential instruction, I look forward to an ongoing education about fly fishing and the many challenges of the sport.­”

Michael McLure, Chattanooga, TN

“The backcountry trip was excellent and the fishing was wonderful. Your many tips and techniques have helped me a lot.”

Gene Armstrong, Cincinnati, OH

“Mac is by far the most knowledgeable guide I have fished with anywhere in the world.”

Serge Hayez, Brussels, Belgium

“Mac’s insights and techniques of the world of fly fishing are endless. His knowledge and expertise as an instructor and guide are only outdistanced by his ability as an angler and innovative fly tier.”

Tommy Bradford, Fayetteville, NC

“Flyfisher Mac Brown is at the top when comes to guiding on the 2000 miles of trout streams around his home in Bryson City, NC. I would highly recommend any opportunity to experience a day on the water with Mac.”

Miranda Wolf, Springfield, MO

Mac Brown is a gifted teacher and exceptionally patient with children. He knows where to find fish. He spends time teaching technique and how to crack the code. The best!

Ursula WhalenWinston-Salem NC

The best fly fishing experience. I have been going out with Mac a number of times over a year and a half. This is simply the best fly fishing experience you will have. Great fishing but much more. Always learning with Mac, always- on casting, reading water, choosing flies, presentation, hook setting and more. One of the best days you will have on the water.

Frank ConlonRaleigh NC

Fishing with Mac Brown has been an incredible experience! I enjoy fishing with a guide who educates me throughout the day. I’ve left both times being better on the water at the end of the day. I carry a notebook with me to keep the salient points he makes. I’ve found my mentor to make a better well-rounded fly fishing angler!

Carolyn EmeryAtlanta, GA

Mac Brown is the original fly fishing guide in the GSM region. I chose Mac because others had advised me of his willingness to teach beginners as well as more advanced Flyfishers. I have recommended Mac Brown to many down under in Australia.

George ForsterWodonga, Australia


Fly Fishing kudos and testimonials from past clients and fly fishing publications because of your experience matters. Fly fishing the Smoky Mountains town of Bryson City, NC since 1987! We offer all types of fly fishing programs which include guided fly fishing wade trips, guided fly fishing float trips, fly casting instruction, fly fishing school, fly fishing lessons and courses, corporate groups and much more! 

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Fly Fishing Lessons and Instruction in Bryson City, North Carolina

Fly fishing instruction often goes by names such as fly fishing classes, fly fishing school, fly fishing lesson and many other names. They all boil down to your personal training with proven techniques that work hence it is all about you the customer! The kudos and testimonial page tells you what other folks have had to say over the past 34 years because I love my job!

The day is custom tailored to you and your wishes of what you want to learn because after all, it is your day! I have set a very high standard over the years as the first licensed guide and outfitter in the region, hence the testimonials reflect this hard work ethic. There is a heavy emphasis on fly casting, reading water, subtle clues in observation, multiple techniques applied for certain water types, hook-sets, and playing fish, hence fun awaits you!

Great Learning Experience for All Skill Levels

The intrinsic value of what you come away with learning is the whole reason I have been blessed to carve out a living working in a field that I love! The original provider of guided fly fishing trips in North Carolina since 1987! We enjoy teaching the full spectrum the sport of fly fishing has to offer you since the art form is always evolving!

Check out the testimonials to see what separates us from the competition because it is not “just another guide trip”! If you look at reviews online for my area you will find many that rate their own businesses and all kinds of bizarre claims! Do your homework because I can assure you the best intrinsic value overall for your progression as a fly fisher!