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The best part of winter fly fishing


The best part of winter fly fishing in my area of western NC is the crowds are gone for the most part! The fish activity can be among the most active of the year depending on the cold weather. This past month in January we had over half of the month with temps reaching the mid 60’s. The internet is…
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Learn to Cast a Switch Rod


Over the past several years I have enjoyed the versatility of using a switch rod on large streams. When you learn to cast a switch rod opportunities increase for the fly fisher. The magic lies in the fly line itself much more than the rod. I had already been using spey variety casts on the stream most of my angling…
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Fall Fly Fishing Invasion in North Carolina


The fall fly fishing invasion in North Carolina really began in mid September. Over the last few weeks I have been fortunate to work more visitors from Europe and Oceania than ever for the fall. Many think of Western Carolina as the stockie bashing that goes on from the first of October to the First of June. What they do…
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