Premier North Carolina Fly Fishing Opportunities for Trout

Premier North Carolina Fly Fishing Opportunities for Trout

Premier North Carolina fly fishing opportunities for trout await you in the “Trout Mecca” town of Bryson City, NC! Fly fishing lessons are the quickest method for improving your skills as a new or an experienced fly fisher. Sharing with you what we have learned over many decades is our passion! Learning to fly fish on your own is the goal! A fly fishing lesson is the quickest way to fast-track your journey. Below is more info about all of our programs and what we can offer you. Make sure to check out my Bio to see why we have been able to share this passion for 35 years of service in the fly fishing world.


Fly Fishing Instruction in Bryson City, North Carolina

Fly fishing instruction often goes by names such as fly fishing classes, fly fishing school, and many other names. They all boil down to your personal training with proven techniques that work!

The day is custom tailored to you and your wishes of what you want to pick up. I have set a very high standard over the years in that there is a heavy emphasis on fly casting, reading water, subtle clues in observation, multiple techniques applied for certain water types, hook-sets, and playing fish!

The intrinsic value of what you come away with learning is the whole reason I have been blessed to carve out a living working in a field that I love! The original provider of guided fly fishing trips in North Carolina since 1987! We enjoy teaching the full spectrum the sport has to offer you! Check out the Kudos page to see what separates us from the competition! If you look at reviews, etc… online for my area you will find many that rate their own businesses and all kind of bizarre claims! Do your homework because I can assure you the best intrinsic value overall for your progression as a fly fisher!

Trout Fishing Guided Trips


Guided Float Trips

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A guided float trip is recommended for those seeking to cover lots of prime water without the worry of taking an unexpected dip. The float trips are a better choice for the very young and old through the year. When the weather is cold then it is also much easier to remain warmer fly fishing from a boat. I would estimate that I spend close to 85% of the time fishing out of a boat for the Delayed Harvest trips.

Guided Wade Trips

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The guided fly fishing wade trip is best for those with specific goals to improve which match what they normally do when they go out on their own.

Guided Lake Trips

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I enjoy the winter months the most for opportunities fly fishing for trout! The guided lake trips are addictive because the trout are powerful in the lakes and reach much bigger sizes on average. The use of three flies per leader and long casts makes lake fishing technical. The rewards are much greater overall though compared to a river trip.

Fly Casting Instruction

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From single handed casting, Skagit, and two-handed casting I enjoy teaching for all levels of fly flingers! I am a Master Casting Instructor through the FFI. Rates are ($125.00 per hour) for fly casting instruction. Private instruction is common all months of the year. Perfect for the tune-up to your exotic dream trip! I do offer several clinics throughout the year based here in Bryson City which helps to raise the bar for my local area. Message me for information on upcoming dates.

Fly Fishing Guide School

Guide School

The fly fishing guide school is the best plan of action for anglers that truly wish to improve their personal skills or desire the proper training to become professional guides. We place graduate guides all over the globe through the schools. Job placement opportunities are vast through the training which you receive through the schools. Learn how to be a fishing guide with these opportunities right here in Bryson City, NC!


Corporate Groups

Backcountry Trips

Destination Trips


Delayed Harvest Fly Fishing

I helped to establish the “delayed harvest” concept in 1991 with the NCWRC. The first pilot program was on the Upper Nantahala River. The town of Bryson City now has its very own Delayed Harvest section of a river right through town! These programs are perfect for those new to the sport or those chasing big trout and lots of numbers. Check out the NCWRC map for the stocking dates of the Delayed Harvest!

Great Smoky Mountain National Park Wild Trout Fly Fishing

There are over 2,400 miles of wild trout waters in Swain County! North Carolina has the highest percentage of government lands East of the Mississippi! In part, that is why I moved here straight out of college in 1987. The wild streams are more technical for diverse currents and plenty of foliage (obstacles). It is better suited for intermediate to advanced casters overall. We look forward to seeing you on the water soon! Call 828-736-1469  or me for questions about your next trout fishing trip!